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Digital Wallet

At FirstBank we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help you with your banking.

Google Pay
Apple Pay
Samsung Pay

We are excited to support Digital Wallet utilization for Apple Pay®, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay®. Life can be complicated. Thanks to Digital Wallets, making payments doesn't have to be. Use your FirstBank Visa Debit or Credit Card in your preferred Digital Wallet for a convenient, secure, and contactless way to pay and make life easier.


No need to dig into your purse or wallet for your physical card. If you forgot your FirstBank card at home you can still make payments using your mobile device. You can even use your Digital Wallet to process in-app payments for numerous smart-phone mobile apps.


Your card number is never shared with the merchant and isn't stored on the device. A digital account number is used to process your payment and protect your personal information.


Make payments at thousands of merchants by tapping your mobile device at checkout terminals where the contactless symbol is displayed.

Mobile phone featuring FirstBank Digital Wallet.
Mobile phone featuring FirstBank Digital Wallet.


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