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Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking

With Mobile Banking from FirstBank, you can do almost all of your banking using your mobile device, without ever entering a branch by using our Mobile App or Mobile Website. The only downside: no free candy.

Is there a fee for Mobile Banking?

FirstBank does not charge any fees for Mobile Banking. Connectivity and usage rates may apply. Contact your wireless service provider for more details.

What are the terms and conditions for Mobile Banking?

All terms and conditions applicable to Internet Banking apply to Mobile Banking. Click here or visit www.efirstbank.com to view disclosures.

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

FirstBank safeguards your information according to established security standards and procedures in order to keep your financial information secure and confidential. We use many lines of defense to protect your account information, including encryption, firewalls, timed log off, virus protection, and a secure login process. You can depend on your accounts and your account information being safe. More information on Internet security.

Is it safe to use mobile banking, while connected to a wireless internet connection?

Wireless networks are common in a variety of locations, such as coffee shops and restaurants. These connections are typically insecure and pose an increased risk of data theft. When possible, instead of using free wireless networks, use your device's native data connection such as your wireless network carrier.

Can someone intercept my Mobile Banking transactions?

No. 128 bit SSL encryption protects your information as it travels from your mobile device to the bank. The 128 bit SSL encryption technology is the same encryption that safeguards internet traffic for secure web applications.

Can I use the same User ID, Password, and Security Questions for Mobile Banking that I use for Internet Banking?

Yes. If you are not enrolled in Internet Banking, you can enroll from a computer. Simply go to www.efirstbank.com from your computer and click "Sign Up" from the Internet Banking section in the upper left corner of the homepage.

Do I have to be enrolled in Internet Banking to be able to use Mobile Banking?

You can use the Customer Service features (contact information, frequently asked questions, etc...) within our Mobile App or Mobile Website without being enrolled in FirstBank Internet Banking. For security purposes, you must be enrolled in FirstBank Internet Banking to access account information and perform banking transactions using the Mobile App or Mobile Website.

Can my Mobile Banking be accessed without a User ID and Password?

No. For your own safety, we'll ask you to use your Internet Banking User ID and Password to access Mobile Banking. When you first attempt to log in to Mobile Banking, we'll prompt you to enter one of your Security Questions. If you prefer not to be challenged with a Security Question in the future, you can choose to "Remember This Device."

After how many incorrect log in attempts will my access to Mobile Banking be locked?

Your Mobile Banking and Internet Banking access will be locked after the third invalid User ID, Password, or Security Question entry. You can reset your Password through Internet Banking at www.efirstbank.com or by calling us 24 hours a day at 303-232-5522.

How can I be sure my Mobile Banking is secure if I lose my mobile device?

Just as with Internet Banking, all account data resides at FirstBank. We require users to enter a valid User ID and Password to access the secure Internet Banking site. If your mobile device is stolen, they won't be able to access your Mobile Banking or Internet Banking information without your User ID and Password but you should also notify us. You can contact us 24 hours a day at 303-232-5522.

Will my Mobile Banking session time out?

Yes, just like your session in Internet Banking using a computer, your Mobile Banking session will time out. Please ensure you are active on the site after you have logged in.

Can I view all of my accounts through Mobile Banking?

Yes. You can view all accounts through Mobile Banking that you view through Internet Banking.

Can I pay bills through Mobile Banking?

Yes, you are able to make payments using our Mobile App or schedule one-time payments www.efirstbank.com.

Can I find branches and ATMs through Mobile Banking?

Yes. You can find the nearest ATM and branch locations using your current location or by entering an alternate location.

What is a Data Plan?

A data plan enables the services which include accessing the Internet and receiving data messages with your mobile device. Your mobile device must be able to access the Internet. Plans and fees vary by mobile network provider.

Mobile App

What is the Mobile App and how do I get started?

The Mobile App is an app designed for Android phones and iPhones. To get started, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for FirstBank. You will know it's us by our orange cube logo.

What devices are supported by the FirstBank Mobile app?
Why is my phone automatically "Remembering my Device?"

When you first login you will be prompted to answer a security question and "Remember this Device" will be checked for your security and convenience.

What can I do with the Mobile App?

Using our Mobile App you can bank virtually anywhere. You can:

What is Pay Now?

Pay Now is a feature where you can pay your Credit Card, Cash Reserve, Mortgage, or other loan accounts directly from the Accounts page. If you have a balance on one of these types of accounts, the Pay Now feature will display on your Accounts screen. You may need to "swipe" the account tile to access the Pay Now feature.

What does this icon indicate on the Accounts page at the bottom of each account tile?

The two dots indicate your ability to swipe the tile for additional information.

How do I contact a Mobile App expert?

FirstBank makes it easy to contact us by providing you one-tap Customer Service access within our Help menu. Simply tap the menu in the upper right hand corner.

Mobile Check Deposit

What is Mobile Check Deposit?

Mobile Check Deposit enables you to use your mobile device to take pictures of checks and send these check images to FirstBank to be deposited into your account.

What is the fee for Mobile Check Deposit?

Mobile Check Deposit is free.

Who can use Mobile Check Deposit?

Any personal or business customer with Online Banking and an eligible Checking, Saving, or Loan account may use Mobile Check Deposit.

How do I enroll in Mobile Check Deposit?

You may enroll for Mobile Check Deposit by navigating to Deposit within the mobile app and reading and accepting our Electronic Banking Agreement.

What is the cutoff time for Mobile Check Deposit?

The cutoff time for Mobile Check Deposit is 9 p.m. Mountain Time. Items received for deposit after the cutoff time, on weekends, or on bank holidays will post the next business day.

When are the funds available?

Items received for deposit are subject to verification and to the terms and conditions of the FirstBank Deposit Agreement, similar to deposits made with a bank teller. Typically, the first $500.00 of your deposit will be available within 3-5 hours of the deposit with the full amount available the next business day.

Are there items Mobile Check Deposit does not accept?

We do not accept currency, foreign checks, savings bonds, and money orders.

What do I do with the checks after I deposit them?

Store the deposited checks in a secure location for 30 days. Then destroy the checks so they may not be accessed or used again.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit through Mobile Check Deposit?

There is a 24 hour limit and per item limit of $5,000.

What devices can I use for Mobile Check Deposit?

You may use Mobile Check Deposit on any supported Apple and Android mobile device with a camera.


What is FirstGlance?

FirstGlance allows you to quickly and conveniently view account balances and the number of eBills due before logging into the app. Once activated, simply swipe the orange FirstBank cube upon opening the app to view balance and eBill information. FirstGlance will automatically close after 15 seconds onf inactivity.

What types of accounts can be viewed with FirstGlance?

FirstGlance displays Checking, Savings, Credit Card, and Cash Reserve accounts for both consumers and businesses with Online Banking. Up to three accounts may be selected.

In addition, if you are enrolled for Bill Pay, the number of eBills due will display.

Can I choose the accounts that display on FirstGlance?

Yes, you can choose any three accounts as long as they are a Checking, Savings, Credit Card, or Cash Reserve account.

What is the difference between the current and available balances shown in FirstGlance?

Checking and Savings accounts display your available balance. This is your balance as of close of business the previous business day minus or plus any transactions that may occur that day or in the near future.

Credit Card and Cash Reserve accounts display your current balance, which is the balance of your account as of close of business the previous business day.

How do I enroll for FirstGlance?

Log into the mobile app and select FirstGlance from the main menu. You will be guided through the enrollment, where you may choose up to three accounts to display.

How do I access FirstGlance?

Swipe the orange FirstBank cube left upon launching the app.

Can I use FirstGlance on more than one device?

Yes, you may use FirstGlance on as many compatible mobile devices as you would like. You may select different accounts to display for each device.

How can I turn off FirstGlance?

Select FirstGlance from the main menu. Toggle the "On" button to "Off."

What happens if I lose my device with FirstGlance enabled?

Please notify a Customer Service Representative if your device is lost by calling (800)964-3444 so we may turn this feature off. For your security, no full account numbers or identifying information displays in FirstGlance.

Mobile Security Tips to Remember when using FirstGlance.

Mobile Website

What is the Mobile Website?

The Mobile Website is a website designed for all mobile devices accessed through a web browser.

What can I do with the Mobile Website?

Using our Mobile Website you can bank virtually anywhere. You can:

How do I start using the Mobile Website?

To get started, simply go to www.efirstbank.com using your mobile device's Internet browser and log in. For the quickest, most convenient experience, add www.efirstbank.com to the home screen of your mobile device for a one-tap shortcut to the application. You'll never have to type this URL again.

How do I add a shortcut or bookmark to the home screen of my device?

This process varies slightly by device.

Why can't my mobile device access the Mobile Website?

Mobile Banking works on most mobile devices (smart phones & tablets) with Internet access using the Internet browser preloaded on your device. We evaluate new devices and browsers on an ongoing basis for compatibility with our site. If you are having issues accessing our Mobile Banking service, please contact us at 303 232-5522.